Motion Graphics


Client: European Commission - Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs | Sector: FINANCE

On a bi-monthly basis, 20STM creates videos for DG ECFIN explaining to European citizens the issues that are at stake for the European economy and monetary union. To date, we have produced over twenty concise and visually compelling 2D and 3D animations for DG ECFIN, all of them adapted in 23 linguistic versions and disseminated via the EU’s social media channels. For each of the videos we propose a tailored visual approach that best suits the given video theme. We address the client’s needs, embracing a spectrum of styles and animation techniques – from flat to modern 3D-oriented illustration style, mixing motion design or screencast techniques. No matter how complex the story is, 20STM can meet the challenge and bring it to life, a beautiful life!

Visu Motion 1
Visu Motion 2
Visu Motion 3
Visu Motion 4