A well-devised multimedia production can be long lasting, thanks to the reuse of footage and updating of motion design or animation. Our team knows this best, which is why we do not hesitate to bring added value by taking something already produced and putting a new spin on it, either by changing its format, or mixing and updating the content. This was the case with Copernicus, where the objective was to leverage the potential of the footage and 3D animations, cascade the content into other media, and ultimately magnify the message and build up a strong Copernicus brand. The Copernicus programme is all about innovation, technology and space. As a result, we produced a 6 minute-long documentary, mixing 3D animation, real footage and SFX effects, which we then adapted to produce 9 short social media clips explaining the different themes of the programme. The one-minute programme teaser focusing on the full, free and open access to Copernicus data, was disseminated via the webpage and social media. To complement the message, added value was brought in thanks to a set of products ready to be disseminated via social media and events - brochures with infographics, social media visuals and event opening clips.

Visu Campaign 1
Visu Campaign 2
Visu Campaign 3
Visu Campaign 4