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Client: ETC Section: Tourism, Culture

SCOPE: Promote Europe as a culturally rich destination with breathtaking nature.

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ETC is an international non-profit organization responsible for promoting tourism to Europe. Its members are the 32 National Tourism Organizations of Europe. Within the framework of its activities, ETC carries out a joint programme of activities, co-financed by the European Commission.


27 countries, divided into 3 categories of destinations.

The brief was to promote tourism to Europe from outside Europe on social media, through a series of short stories. The stories needed to cover 27 European countries and 3 different categories of places of interest (Nature & Outdoors, History & Ancestry, and Creative Cities), while ensuring a good parity between East and West, North and South of the continent.

However, COVID-19 added to the challenge! Borders were closed, people were not able to travel and neither could we. Therefore, traveling to destinations to film was no longer an option! So, what did we do?

60 amazing experiences - 60 amazing short stories !

We selected macro- and micro-influencers to collaborate with and also, approached the tourist offices. Once we had gathered dynamic content, we picked 60 amazing places, activities or itineraries, and turned them into AMP stories – the AMP format was selected as it offered an easy and fast mobile-first experience. We also developed a specific visual identity for the entire campaign, based on a multiplicity of shapes, colors and animated transitions.

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