When it comes to interactive and mixed reality tools, 20STM is a one-stop shop for those looking for experts both in content and in tool development. This means simply that not only can our team develop the chosen technology app, but it can also take on the whole content package- with videos, animations, 3D models and infographics. We can consult on the best hardware solutions, build the set and provide assistance at events. For SESAR Joint Undertaking, we produced 3 event products aimed at explaining and promoting SESAR’s work in the field of European air traffic management. To mark the Paris Airshow, we produced a SESAR 3D virtual reality tool that gives you the chance to step into the shoes of an air traffic controller at a busy European airport. Put on your glasses, take hold of the controllers and play a role in everyday airport operations. Beautifully designed in Unity, the SESAR VR tool has proven to be a success and has engaged with the audience at SESAR events from Brussels to Singapore, being displayed at airshows, industry fairs and conferences. As part of the U-Space campaign, we took on the production of the augmented reality table. So how does it work? At a glance, it may look like a simple map, but on a tablet screen it turns into a vibrant, 3-dimensional city, showcasing various drones, their trajectories and missions to be completed. The table structure can easily and safely travel to external events, where SESAR can demonstrate its vision of the integration of drone operations into an urban context. To support the message of the augmented reality table, we produced a 3D video outlining a potential scenario of advanced U-Space functionalities.

Visu VR 1
Visu VR 2
Visu VR 3