We are more
than creative folks



What do you get when you pull together a people-person, a word wizard and a visual crafts(wo)man, and you place them all in one room? Explosive creativity! We are convinced that working with others towards a shared common goal is far more effective than unnecessary competition. It empowers people. It enables facing bigger challenges. Simply put, it is the essence of success.



We do know how to make coffee. In fact, we make a pretty darn good cup. But if you tell us that you prefer tea, we can make that too. We listen, we remain flexible, we consider multiple options and we react accordingly.



We are inclusive and place human emotions and well-being at the heart of our company by embracing social consciousness, gender equality and environmental sustainability. We walk the talk: our offices are sustainable, right down to our wooden tables, where there’s space for all 20STMers - and our 124 plants! - to develop our projects, working towards a greater purpose together.



We are big picture thinkers, who think and act “glocally”. Our teams, based in Brussels and Paris, are multi-multi…multi-talented, multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-faceted...


Creative by nature

...and close to nature. We’ve filled our workspace with greenery and we are surrounded by gardens. Spaces where we step out of our creativity rooms in search of inspiration.


Constantly evolving

Whatever the world throws at us, we have the answer. Whether it’s a pandemic or a pretty potential robot overlord threat, we are agile, adaptable and nimble. We stay alert to new user habits, technologies and environments by constantly reevaluating our practices.


Accountable, responsible and transparent

We are fully accountable for and committed to meeting our legal, ethical and economic responsibilities. Transparency in all aspects of our business is an absolute given. We are responsible with your time and create value for your money.  


Wanna work
with us?

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