ACI : Augmented reality & serious gaming

Client: ACI Section: Transport, Aviation, ATM, Technology

SCOPE : Let's play a game ! But a serious game.

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Airports Council International in Europe (ACI) -industry trade association- and SESAR JU -public-private partnership- work on a diverse range of issues including airport capacity and slots, airport connectivity, aviation liberalisation and external relations, airport leadership and change management and airport traffic. They are also actively engaged in promoting climate action by the airport industry.


Augmented reality to explain and promote new technologies

In order to deal with air traffic control management, we proposed to produce an interactive game to promote the ACI and SESAR JU solutions for better communication and coordination among airports. We created an interactive augmented reality experience game, that is played using an iPad at a 3D animated airport on a large screen!

What does a safer, smarter and greener airport look like ? Take the Quizz !

In the game, the player scans different AR tags and 3D animated scenes pop up illustrating the problem. The player answers a short enjoyable quiz figuring out the solutions while receiving feedback for the correct or incorrect answer. A final animated scene flashes before the player’s eyes indicating the solution.

Available both, as an AR app or in a web version.

The ACI GAME is a serious games that uses augmented reality in a smart, efficient and education way, and it is designed to truly speak to a virtual reality enthusiast’s heart. It is also available in a web version! This way, technology helps improve different aspects of airport operations in terms of safety, environment, capacity, resilience and efficiency, it makes it easier to understand traffic management but it also keeps the player educated and entertained.

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