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SCOPE: Creating momentum. Creating bonds.

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AXA is a French multinational insurance firm that engages in global insurance, investment management and other financial services. In Belgium only AXA counts 3,200 brokers, 450 banking agents and 3,200 employees, offering their expertise to 2.9 million customers. The company is listed on the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market.


More than 400 films & animations produced to date

A few years ago, AXA revamped their strategies. They became more customer-oriented and introduced new ways of working. As a result, all of their communication tools as well as their internal processes had to be redesigned. We worked together with all the business units - from claims to retail - and different departments - from marketing to internal communication, and from human resources to change management - to help AXA bring about this global and total transformation, through films, animations and interactive experiences.

And since the Covid-19 outbreak : hellooo livestreams !

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, AXA wished to replace various larger real live events with a series of super orchestrated and controlled hybrid events; a task we have been entrusted with. A good example of this is the “All Staff event”. In order to make it happen, and since AXA is a financial institution, we had to work with protected networks and encrypted connections. We also had to take into consideration that, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the AXA staff was divided into 2 groups that were not allowed to meet. Therefore, we installed two Corona-proof sets in 2 different buildings and produced 2 parallel live streams, which took place over 2 days, in 2 different languages.

As we had prior experience shooting at AXA’s premises, we did not need to do a location scouting. Instead, we used the time to do extensive testing, technical set-ups and dry runs as the script (lasting 1 hour 15 minutes) was complex and involved 26 people (including the AXA ambassador, Nafi Thiam) appearing either physically on one of the two sets or remotely via Teams. We had a 30-member crew to manage the entire live stream, and the event was broadcasted live to more than 3,000 AXA employees. In the words of AXA’s management, this was “the launch of AXA TV”, which made us incredibly proud!

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