EFPIA: Augmented reality roadmap & animation

Client: EFPIA Section: Health, Pharmaceutical

SCOPE: Create an accurate, yet entertaining augmented reality application for EFPIA communication and trade fairs.

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The client

The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) is a dynamic actor of biopharmaceutical industry, working with multiples partners (national associations, leading industries and small enterprises). Its goal is to encourage an innovative environment to help their members to develop and deploy new therapies and vaccines across Europe. EFPIA is working around several poles including Patient Access, Innovation, International, Vaccines Europe, Research and more. 

Our work

Augmented reality, motion design, 2D illustrations, salad, tomatoes & onions!

In 2019, before the Covid crisis, we developed a first “Roadmap to Innovation” for EFPIA which was an augmented reality experience, including an illustrated design of a roadmap and 3D short scenes explaining each milestone. 

In 2021, EFPIA wanted to push this concept further with 4 different requests: design of a 2m x 2m roll-up road map ; development 12 augmented reality 3D scenes ; animation of 12 shorts videos ; production of social media templates with Canva. In the end, it’s a full set of communication materials that we produced for the client and it never fails to amaze visitors during exhibitions!

And let's not forget the sauce: a clean and catchy motion design!

On one hand, we developed the AR roadmap to present all the different points where EFPIA is committed to propose solutions and improve current process in the drug industry. On the other hand, we produced a series of 12 short motion design animation to offer an extra communication toolset for EFPIA, to communicate on social media, external events and more!

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