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The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the lending arm of the European Union. It is the world’s largest multilateral lender and one of the world’s main financiers of climate action.

Animations and films, in all styles and formats

We have a long-term collaboration with EIB to promote their support of businesses in Europe, as well as those outside the EU, made possible by European development aid and cooperation policies.

Over the years, we have produced a significant number of audiovisual products in all styles and formats on their behalf - from simple short films to extravagant motion design animations and full social media-oriented audiovisual campaigns.


Innovative SME's campaign for the Web Summit

In 2020, we launched a new campaign at the Web Summit 2020. It was composed of 1.5-minute short films about successful and innovative entrepreneurs, and shot on location in 6 EU countries. The narrative was filmed beautifully using anamorphic lenses to produce a real cinematic feel, with a nice motion design varnish.

Social Experiment campaign, with children, parents and 2,5 million views

For another social media campaign, “Tell me about the future”, we went the way of a social experiment looking at different views of the future. The video featured 12 families, each having a different background and narrative and speaking a different European language. The video was shared on 4 social media channels - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube - and was distributed across 9 countries and 9 linguistic zones, receiving over 2.5 million views.

Picture from the story-board

In the making : a short movie about global warming

The feather in our cap is the campaign we are currently working on for EIB, a full 10-minutes 3D animation film about climate change. We are creating this from scratch - the script, the character design, the storyboard, the 3D modeling of each scene, the matte painting of the decor, the animation and the voice acting… We are already extremely proud of this project because we simply know it will be... PHENOMENAL!

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